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Default Worried about my senior hedgehog 😞

My hedgie is just shy of 6 years old. The last 2 nights she hasn't eaten or been in her wheel to run what so ever. I just woke up, (it's the middle of the night) and this will have been the 3rd night now she hasn't been out. I realize you can't give medical advice - but for those of you who are experienced hedgehog owners, what did it look like before you lost your little one? I have only had Truffles for about 14 months. I adopted her from someone who could no longer keep her. I know 6 is a good lifespan for a hedgehog, but she is my first one, and I don't know if she could be nearing the end of her life 😢 She has been a very healthy girl - the only issue she has had was a lump on her lower jaw which was removed and she healed wonderfully from.

Thank you in advance.

Ps- of course I will take her to the vet, I just wanted to know your guys' experiences with an older hedgie.
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