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No one is saying that your wrong. Well I personally am not for sure. But on the other thread, the dome was so much more focused on so I can totally see why you went for the dome over the thermostat.

Your still learning and its okay to make a few mistakes here and there.
When I was talking about the tinfoil I wasnt the best at explaining it either. But to be fair, the way you did wasn't really that bad - I think everyone is making it seem worse than it is. I have seen it work like this. But also originally when I mention it, I was doing it from where you had the bulb at the current time so what you did was perfectly fine honestly.

Your doing your best now which is the main thing that matters.
So to work with what we have now - Put tin foil on the top where the che isnt, then the back (long side close to the window) can stay as it is, the two short sides at the top cover them in tin foil and on the same three side do the bottom - so that you have a fairly big gap in the middle of the two sides leave the front one as this looks like it will benefit more for light. - This will work as the heat will bonce around more and keep the air warmer longer. If its still not getting warm enough cover the top of the front side like you did the two short sides.

Either mine or besties way will work with the tin foil.
The best thing about tin foil is its easy to chop and change it. You can keep the buts you take off fold them up incase you need it.

Now to provide heat we have 2 choices

Option one
Turn the che on for a short period bring the cage up to a about 1-2 degrees below the right temp then turn it off and leave it in place and the cage will stay warm, you can get away with only checking it once in the night

Or option two
Put in a hot water bottle wrapped up in fleece and leave it in there to warm/keep the cage warm.

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