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Brooke, it will be OK. Haveing a hedgehog should be fun ,not stressfull. My simple suggestion would be to mount the heat element close to one end of the pen on the top pointed down. Cover the entire top with foil except under the element. Cover the short end near the heat element and both long sides with foil. Moniter the temp for a few days and adjust the amount of foil on the long sides to get the right temp if to warm. If it does not get warm enough put a couple of inches of foil down from the top on the open short side to keep the heat from excapeing as easily. If it does get a little warm for your cute little guy he can move to the far side away from the heater to cool off and with the one end open he will get fresh air and light. Check the temp in the heated end of the pen. Good luck and do not stress out please.

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