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Originally Posted by Ria View Post
When I said about the idea I said to do half the top dotted and then some the bars on the sides as it will help bounce heat around the cage longer.
(You can see if you go to the other thread that was talking about keeping the cage warm)

Also I said to get the thermostat rather than worrying about the holder its in, but other people made it seem like the dome was hugely important, so when it came to the choice of one or the other as the done seemed to get focused on a lot I can see why the dome was picked.
I've only seen the other thread there; and reading it now is a little frustrating haha - I would be super frustrated (personally) if I was the OP.

The holder that was being used was already fine. It just needed to be re-positioned to point downwards vs sidewards because it was being used with a barred cage. Like yes, domes are overall better because they disperse the heat better, but if it was a case of dome or thermostat first... thermostat takes priority, without a doubt.

It makes me extremely uneasy to see an unregulated CHE placed so close to a hedgehog. OP; I would just cover the roof of your enclosure with tinfoil (leave the sides open for airflow and light) and offer Igor a hot water bottle until you buy a thermostat. That CHE being unregulated is too close for comfort. but if you want to keep using it; What's the wattage of the bulb? Can you suspend it higher above the cage somehow?
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