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Does she eat like the boiled unseasoned chicken ?? You can also try duck and lamb cooked this way a lot of hedgehogs love these (its just a bit more meaty food that will benefit her is she eats them)

Calci worms would be a good thing to possibly add if you dont have them as they are great for calcium.

You could try changing the food slowly - say your giving her a chicken food go find another food thats high quality but a different flavour such as turkey, duck, lamb, beef (you can look at small dog breed foods as they have small biscuits and aren't that hard, also puppy foods especially for smaller dogs is much like cat food) get a small bag, so at least then your not buying loads if she ends up not liking it, but stopping eating the food could potentially be a flavour thing if its not a health problem.

If the eating doesnt improve get the vet to do a scan just to make sure there's nothing abnormal there - just because they cant feel anything doesn't always mean that theres defiantly nothing there.
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