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How big is her enclosure?... space could be a contributing factor to her behaviour too.

and If she genuinely has OCD (which I agree with the vet; it's totally plausible!), perhaps she would benefit of more enriching toys; i.e put some of her kibble in a treat ball so she has to work a little more for her food, you can also buy something like a snuffle mat and hide some of her mealworms in it, or if you have a terrarium-stye cage you could even let her hunt her own crickets. Foraging boxes are also helpful for alleviating boredom behaviours; like a box filled with fleece scraps where you could hide her kibble.

I asked if she lived with the other hedgehog just to rule out stress of living with another hog as being a possible cause for her behaviour. I know many keep multiple females together with no issues, but sometimes it can be problematic - glad to hear theyre separate!
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