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Default OCD Hedgehog: Reply to Ria

Hello, Ria! I have not suddenly changed the food; it’s the same as it’s always been. When I take her out because she hasn’t been eating her normal food, I give her boiled, unseasoned chicken and liver treats.
The insects I give her are normal, live meal worms and the gut loaded ones. The gut loaded ones are better I think because she gets the necessary vitamins.
Yes, I mentioned this to the vet! The vet checked her tummy and said she felt no obstructions because we thought she was impacted. As you said, she said that at least I’m getting food and water in her. Better than nothing. It just gets extremely tiring at times.

She started it about two months ago, so I wouldn’t say it was recently but not that long ago. There were no changes in the household and they are very desensitized to noise.
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