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Default My Hedgehog Has OCD. Tips?

One of my hedgehogs is named Jinger. She is a little over one year old. Just recently, she has been diagnosed with OCD. Crazy, right? I didn’t think hedgehogs could have OCD but the vet said if hamsters and other small animals had OCD, hedgehogs could as well.

Anyways, I was observing her for a little over an hour and she did this cycle multiple times over: walk around her cage in the same exact path two times in a row, go inside her house, walk outside her house, run on her wheel, and then repeat. /All day long/. She barely sleeps! Not like her sister who only runs at night.

Not only that, but Jinger refuses to eat her food or drink water. I have to take her out of her cage, make her drink with a dropper, and give her food/vitamin loaded live meal worms.

The fact that she’s constantly running on her wheel with the bare minimum amount of food and water is so concerning.

Does anybody have any tips to break her obsessive wheel running behavior, get her to start drinking/eating on her own, and/or resting properly?

Anything would help! Thank you!
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