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Have never used carna4 kibble. I do unfortunately have a load of experience with food, environmental, and chemical allergies. I took close to a month to find food that would be appropriate for my Hedgehog that would not trigger my extensive list of allergies. I was killing time on the ASPCA web site yesterday looking up plant toxicity to animals , and they were listing the some of the symptoms of ingestion of toxic plants as excessive salivation, and vomiting. I read a post of yours saying that you were using Blue Buffalo as part of a mix for your hedgehog. I used to use this food for my cat, until they started adding all the spices. (some I am allergic to, and my cat started having issues unable to keep food down) Please consider that some of the spices in this cat food are at high enough levels to cause issues with a 8-10 lb cat, then a 400g hedgehog could be at serious risk.


Just an after thought, I am celiac (wheat allergy), so I keep my mealworms and other bugs in an oat bran based bedding, rather than the wheat bran bedding that most come in. If your hedgie is wheat sensitive this may make a difference to tummy upset.

I hope this is helpful, it can be so frustrating when our quilly kids are ill with no end in site.

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