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Sorry to hear both your hedgies are still losing quills.

Yuki is the same still but not as many. On average it was 4-6 quills a week but last week he lost x8 so it’s getting worse.
He had his first dose of revolution 2.5 weeks ago. The vet didn’t think it was necessary but did it to make me feel better I think ><

On the pet cam a few days ago I saw him scratch 20x in 10 mins!! He also shakes his head and wipes the side of his face against the floor etc. Do either of your hedgies do these additional things?

Next I’m thinking an ear issue, would perhaps explain the vomitting issue he also has. He has no wax and inside of ears from what I can tell aren’t red or aggravated. But he has lost a lot of fur around the base of his ears from above and behind them and even his quills on top of his head don’t look as full.

He also has some snapped quills, which make him look patchy in places but he has no actually bald spots. Any of your hedgies also have snapped quills? I heard it could mean a deficiency.

Oh I used to feed Halo chicken and also Halo salmon as part of a mix with now fresh and natural balance (all grain free). I had to reduce the Halo Chicken as the fat content was too high and he piled on so much weight! This is when I introduced the blue buffalo weight management which has grains and is chicken based.

I only give Yuki a full bath every 2-3 months and footbath every 1-2 weeks as it stresses him out so much, plus the winters get really cold here. But I’m going to try keeping his paws cleaner by just wiping them with a damp cloth. I guess it can’t be too hygienic for them to scratch with poopy feet! ><

I also use aveeno oatmeal wash but also recently got the hedgehog and friends line so the last two footbaths I’ve used the coconut and lime wash. I’d be careful using any oils directly on the skin, if there’s a chance it is a bacteria or fungal infection, the oil will block the pores and make the situation worse... what type of oil are you using CharlieCrowley?

Have you both always used fleece?
The only other thing I noticed was Yuki’s quill loss get worse when I put him back on fleece last Fall. That could just be it was more easier to spot them or perhaps fleece stresses him out (he tries to burrow in it). From last April to Summer he was on carefresh, which he loved but it came with other issues.

I’m thinking of introducing a natural substrate box (organic soil, play sand and coco peat) and see how he does in it then hopefully switch his enclosure completely but might be harder to monitor his health issues so not sure yet...will do the box first. Hoping it will help keep him cleaner and happier though!

That’s good to hear the humidifier is helping! I don’t know how I could get it to fall directly into his viv?? The top is wire mesh but I have two heat lamps on either end so maybe a fire hazard?! It will be so humid here soon enough I’ll probably have the opposite problem soon! But will be interesting to see if his quill loss gets better with the change of seasons!

Hoping our babies all improve soon!
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