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Thank you both for the replies! ^^

Ok I just went through old notes...

I started noticing the red/swollen lip and excess saliva in May 2018.

I didnít introduce the blue buffalo (which is the first grain food) until June 3rd.

In May he was on now fresh (turkey/duck/salmon ~ sorry I thought it had chicken but no chicken!), natural balance (duck & pea), Halo (salmon & white fish) and then only x2 pieces of halo chicken (as was the highest fat and I had to phase it out as he was piling on weight! So originally maybe he had 10-25 pieces of this). He also got Hazuri hedgehog food which I soon realised was rubbish and stopped giving, it did have corn and perhaps soy. So all the cat foods were grain free and hardly any chicken when this all started (the hazuri was made up of mealworm meal and apple, probiotics plus fillers, no meats I donít think), hence why I always thought it was the insects causing the issues.

Another hedgie owner has suggested perhaps a stomach ulcer, she said it would explain the gagging/vomitting and stomach bile issue...
Has anyone heard of a hedgehog having a stomach ulcer and how would I go about getting this diagnosed and treated?

So last night I added 5 more pieces of the Wellness Complete (Chicken with grains) so itís up to x15 now and reduced the now fresh turkey to x15 pieces and heís eaten basically all the food! Iíll see tonight if thereís any new vomit patches but last night we were all good so fingers cross it is ok! Iím going to try keep his paws cleaner and see if it helps too.

Also does anyone know how to upload video clips on here? It says the file cannot be found/read when I try to upload one...

Thank you!
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