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I am so sorry your baby is still sick. I really hope they find out what is wrong! I’m feeling helpless also. Tested Charlie’s poo again for mites, sent quills to the lab, still waiting for one lab to come back. They did a scrapping while I was there and looked under a microscope. It really isn’t mites. It isn’t ringworm either. Maybe bacterial? The next set of tests will be on the endocrine system. I am at a loss. I can tell the vet is worried.

Charlie continues to lose 5-7 quills a day. Not in any place in particular. He does not have bald spots. It is perplexing. His appetite is the same. His energy is the same. His mood is calm. I think his skin is looking a bit clearer. It is not so flaky. The oil is working. I’m also bringing him in the bathroom when I shower as the vet suggested. He doesn’t seem to mind the steam as long as he can hide in his towel and sleep. I plan to buy a humidifier this weekend to continue with steam.

I think it is time to take him in again. Keep me posted on your next vet visit and I will post after mine
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