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Default Vomitting/mouth issue. Wanting to change food. Anyone used Carna4 kibble?

So Iíve been posting lately about Yukiís health issues (periodically vomiting and quill loss). He also has excess saliva and bad breath. Back in October 2018 after months of going to the vet about his swollen lip and excess saliva and then foaming at the mouth issue. We put him under anaesthetic and they did xrays of his mouth and body. They saw he had really inflamed gums (3 of the 4 sides of his mouth). They took a biopsy and it revealed he had gingivitis (inflammation of the gums / gums disease). He was put on medication and at his next check up the vet was satisfied they looked better.

We recently went back to the vets because heís started to vomit quite frequently and then one night he refused to eat / barely ate. Heís also been dropping quills since last fall but has slightly gotten worse, dropping 6-8 quills now per a week.
The vet checked inside his mouth and said it looked much better than it did before when he had the inflamed gums. But he stills has this excess saliva and bad breath. He gave him meds to stop producing excess stomach acids (to stop puking up bile) and another meds to soothe his throat.

The vet also looked at his quills and again wasnít concerned of the quill loss. He gave him a preventative revolution treatment but said he didnít think it was necessary. Yuki is 2.5yrs old so I donít know why it would be normal to lose quills almost daily or a couple at a time. Iíve noticed some of his quills have snapped off which is making him look patchy/not as full in places (he doesnít have actual bald patches). I see on the pet cam I got back at Christmas he constantly scratches, shakes his head and wipes his face against the floor or the side of his wheel stand. The other night I counted 20 scratches in 10 mins! ><
Some of the quills he loses have bulbs but some are just thin follicles only, which makes me think itís mites. The vet didnít bother looking at any of the samples I brought in, he was that convinced he didnít have mites ><

The vet has told me to strip his food to basics to rule out an allergy issue to the kibbles. I currently feed Now Fresh senior turkey/chicken grain free (heís been on this for almost 2yrs) and Blue Buffalo weight management non grain free option (heís been on this since June last year). I started phasing these out already and adding Wellness Complete non grain free but his vomiting hasnít stopped and if anything gotten a little more frequent. Perhaps itís the additional grains??

Heís always periodically vomited since I introduced more insects to his diet 2 years ago but also switched him to cat food. At first I thought it was the hard exoskeleton of insects but heís been insect free since March 20th and thereís been no change. Back then all all of his foods were grain free options. I do still give him guts of a superworm though. So this is the only thing that has never changed.

Has anyone heard of or used Carna4 kibble (I think itís a Canadian brand). It uses no synthetics and limited ingredients, itís a baked kibble so suppose to be better quality. The fat is 15% but protein only 25% but Iím thinking perhaps this would be a good kibble choice to use alongside a commercially prepared raw food (Stella & chewyís freeze dried and Instinct Raw) which have higher protein levels.

Anyone have experience with any of these foods or have any other advice about his symptoms and issues, Thank you!
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