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To be honest I think its there to stop people only feeding mealworms, as only feeding mealworms due to the fat isnt the best thing. Even if one is only about 13% fat but if you take like 10 mealworms that is a fair bit of fat.
When feeding with other insects it would lower the overal fat intake of all the insects. - Like with the cat biscuit.

Also starting with a limit of 5-10 per week gives you the chance to get an idea first of how much weight they gain, to then lower or up it to fit it more to the hedgehog.

If you take Holly for example shes active for at least 4 hours a night (not including the 1 hour and a half out of cage play time) but she still gains a lot of weight always has. If I gave her 5-10 mealworms daily she'd be overweight. So 5-10 a week would suit her better.
Although she doesnt actually like mealworms but thats not really the point.

I'm not saying this as an argument to argue for limiting mealworms, please dont take it as.

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