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Originally Posted by Me&Norbert
I have a thermometer in his cage and I check it constantly almost whenever I walk by even. I had the heat lamp on one side so he was able to go from either side depending if he was hot or cold and on the side closer to 76-80 he would only rarely go and when I completely removed the lamp he was much more energetic and would be on his wheel more since it was by the lamp. he also downed water like crazy when the lamp was on. ( i also thought I could tell the change in skin flakes when I took it away.) but its been almost three weeks since no lamp and I check to see signs of hibernation.
I just brought it up cause if your going to have room mates they may play with the thermostat and I am guessing your going on the room temp and as it gets colder it can fluctuate especially at night.

For peace of mind I'd say a trip to the vet might be in order but if food intake is consistent as is the poop and wheeling it may just be the environment and you'll have to adjust to your hedgehog
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