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Originally Posted by Me&Norbert
His cage is 74. I used to have a heat lamp but anything above 76 would be too hot for him and he would be lethargic. And same on all counts for the detergent/lotion/body wash. I was thinking it might be mites but i can never get him to stay still long enough for the black shirt test, and since even his breeder knew he had dry skin and didn't think it was mites I haven't gotten any frontline.
Frontline isn't what most people here recommend and if its a sudden and rapid change a experienced vet might be able to help with Revolution if its mites but IDK if that can effect behavior.

76 made you hedgie lethargic? that's really strange most people here have the temp at 75 + because nay lower has been know to cause hibernation in hedgehogs.

If you don't have a consistent heating source how do you know its always 74 degrees?

Dry skin can agitate over time I can't imagine over time its any more comfortable for any creature.

I would adapt your handling and see if he comes around its hard to say if its the move or not but radical behavior changes could mean something is wrong with your hedgehogs potentially and a vet would be the best bet to find out.

Though as previously mentioned its not unheard of for a hedgehog to do a 180 on personality from baby to adulthood.
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