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I don't like saucer wheels for one main reason; it works their little bodies unevenly. I'm not too sure how big of an issue this is with hedgehogs, but it's one of the concerns raised with other wheel-using species; because their inner and outer bodies are being worked differently, which can have an impact developmentally wise. It's why that for species who use wheels, saucers are recommended as play-time use only, and are not a replacement for a standard, up-right wheel.

Like I said, i'm relatively new to hedgehogs (I've only had my girl since November last) so I'm not too sure how much of an impact saucer style wheels can have on hedgehogs, but i dont see any reason for why they wouldn't potentially suffer from the same negative effects. I'd suggest getting him an upright wheel, and see if he'll prefer that. You can still keep the saucer for playtime, but his go-to should be upright,.
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