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Default Suddenly a mean hedgie

I have had Norbert for 6 weeks now, he was born in May. I was so happy to have him and fell in love with the moment I saw him. I quickly found out he was a very active and curious hedgie , more interested in discovering the long lost corner of the couch or solving the mystery of the new scent than curling up and sleeping on me. Often times I would spend more time catching him than actually being able to hold him since my little guy has no fear but recently I moved to college and his behavior has been deplorable.
When I first got him, like I said he was more into having an adventure instead of curling up and cuddling. I grown used to that even though my heart would melt those few times where he would take a time out for a breather and curl up on my lap for a couple of minutes before he was off exploring again. It was a week or two into bonding that he would let me pet him from head to tail. He would never ball up or huff at me when he was in his cage or out. But nowÖ
He hisses, curls up and pops whenever I reach my hand into his cage, even to give him more food, he gets even more so when I try to scoop him up for a play date with me. When heís out he is more fidgety than exploring, never finds a spot to snuggle with his towel just digs and pops at it whenever it touches him (itís any towel of his and itís the same cleaning I have always used). And especially now when I go to pet him he doesnít curl up he just goes BERZERK.
But what I am most worried about is his biting. It isnít like when he would nip me on accident when he was getting more food from my hand but this is aggressive biting and meant to hurt. He has done it constantly and unprovoked. He actually came out from his towel and across my lap to chomped down and refused to let go. How am I going to socialize him more if all he does is bite ppl? I want him to get used to my roommates (who are not here yet and moving in in a few weeks)
He is getting up at the same time (same time not counting the time zone change) eating is the same, temp I have made sure to make it the same or as close as I can to at home, and light is the same. His bathroom habits are the same (I have to clean his wheel just as much as when we are at home) But he has very, very dry skin. Heís always had dry skin, I just follow the breeders advice and add a little olive oil to him if it ever gets too bad.
What can I do to have my laid back hedgie back? Not this mean little guy thatís nothing like the Norbert I fell in love with? I know moving can be hard for hedgies but this is beyond anything I was expecting and able to read about! and I have been through his quilling before and he was grouchy not angry.
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