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Default Digging help?

Pugsley seems to have a new found obsession with digging and tunneling. It all started with him liner diving but not long after that my liners from piggy bedspreads arrived making that impossible for him. But now everytime I bring him out for cuddle time he tunnels under anything he can get under (when he isn’t pooping on me lol) and he isn’t doing that he is constantly digging. I made him a dig box filled with fleece scrap squares, but he completely ignores it. I tried covering it to make it like another hide figuring maybe he didn’t feel secure enough to use it. Nope! He still insists on digging the ever loving **** out of his snuggle sacks, fleece tunnel, the bedding, my T-shirts, and well...everything.
I’m tempted to see if I get a dirt/sand/earth kind of dig box if that will help but I’m so scared of him getting stuff in his urethra or a URI. Is this just a phase (he’s 3 months old)
Should I just let him dig and just buy or see a surplus of snuggle sacks and bedding/liners (he’s dug holes through three sacks already and one was double fleece)?
On a plus side maybe all this digging on the right surface could mean no nail trimming? Lol I wish.
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