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Originally Posted by laejpablo View Post
I’m hoping I can get as much help an guidance as possible. We got my daughter a hedgehog (then it had babies) for a few different reasons: she’s allergic to just about every other animal and her doctor recommended something for her anxiety. We moved from the US to Korea and the transition was really hard. The hedgehogs have been such a blessing. Not only do they help her but my husband who suffers from PTSD has also benefited from having them around.

We will be relocating from Korea back to the US (MD) in a couple of months. We may fly to the West coast and drive cross country (other cars to pick up) or may just fly all the way.

I have not registered the hedgies as an Emotional support animal as of yet. Would it be best to do so considering that’s what we got it for? If so, where do I begin?

Also, I know United and Delta have recently made some changes to their emotional support and service animal policy. Does anyone have any experience with the new rules and traveling with hedgehogs?

Lastly, who all should I contact to make sure I can fly (even if in undercarriage) the hedgehogs out of Korea and into the US? I know the airline is a must but is there any other agency I should reach out to?

Thank you all in advance for you kind advice in helping us get Milkshake and Sonic to our new home!
I know this post is a year old, but if anyone is still active on it, could you please tell me where you were able get hedgehogs in South Korea? My emotional support dog died in October at 15 and my anxiety has been pretty bad without him. I have been considering a hedgie for a while now and reading how much they helped your daughter just confirmed that this is the way I want to go. I had such an anxiety attack last night - if you could please tell me how you got them, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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