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Default Weird sleeping and bathroom behaviour

My new hedgehog has started to have some really weird bathroom behaviour. I have had her for almost three weeks and she is about 11 weeks old (so practically still a baby).
At first I had her on paper bedding in a quite small cage (she was my birthday present and my parents didn't do any research before purchasing both the cage and the hedgehog). I kept her like that for approx. 1 week until I had the money to buy her a bigger cage and some fleece bedding (I noticed she was eating paper). At the time I also bought her a cute house and some kind of a bridge made from wood plus a lot of toys. I think she really adapted fast to those changes because her poop & other habits were still normal.
I haven't had any problems until a few days ago. She has started pooping in her little house and she keeps sleeping in it. And I have to give her a bath daily because she's just filthy when she wakes up.
I haven't changed her food/water or cage location. The temperature in her cage is ok and she's still active as usual during the night.
I live in a country where hedgehogs aren't really popular and it's quite difficult to find information about them. Or vets.
I know frequent bathing can dry their skin so is there anything I can do? Is it something I have done wrong? Is this a baby hedgie 'thing'?
I've been reading other similar topics but I really wasn't able to find an answer on ly own.
Thank you in advance (and sorry for my English)
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