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Default *Reader Discretion* Constant Humping

Hi all, I hate to even have to write about this, but want to get opinions. Our hedgehog is 2 years old and we have had him for 3 months. Is this old enough to be out of their "teenage" phase where they are especially into this. I know the whole "boys will be boys," spiel but I feel like his humping and masturbating is excessive, especially considering his age? We get him out of his cage and put him on the carpet. Humps. Get him out of the bath. Humps (Especially frustrating because we've just washed all the previous residue off). Pick him up and put him back down. Humps. Several times in just one hour with him. Then if we pick him up after, it's on us, our clothes, etc. Obviously he does it in his cage because we find it all over his blanket and his belly is constantly crusty with it, but we can't bathe him all the time because it will dry out his skin.

Does anyone else have a hedgehog that seems excessively..active?
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