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Thank you for the well wishes!

We saw the vet for the second time for this problem and she did administer a preventative round of the Revolution mite treatment. We also made an appointment in a couple of weeks when we can check to see if the treatment is helping. If it is, the vet may do another round and we’ll chalk the problem up to mites. If not, the vet explained that the next step would be to send the skin samples and the quills he has lost out for cultures (though she didn’t say what for. I’m assuming some kind of bacterial skin infection?) I hope that won’t be necessary, as it would only delay his feeling well again. We’re going on our 6th week of quill loss here! I counted 20 quills in his cage the morning of our vet visit. Add it to the additional 5-6 he lost during the interactions of the vet visit and we’re still around where we were last Friday.

At the very least I seem to have solved the dry skin issue, according to the vet. Stopped the flax seed and got a humidifier used for babies. He isn’t as flaky or dandruffy as he was on his first visit regarding this problem. I hope your little one will find some relief from the dry air as Spring finally rolls around!!! I moved my humidifier so that the mist falls directly into the cage. Maybe that would be more effective in increasing the humidity for your baby? Mine is still not balding as a whole or in any one particular spot, which the vet said is also unusual. Additionally, she has ruled out quilling and environmental stress in moving as a factor; the problem wouldn’t be growing gradually worse as it is if the issue stemmed from a latent factor, and quilling doesn’t last this long.

To answer your questions about bathing, I don’t bathe him frequently to help keep his skin from drying out; generally every 3 weeks, 4 in the winter if it’s particularly dry. I use the baby aveeno oatmeal soap that many folks on the forums favor, and even add some olive oil in as a recommendation from my vet to help with the dry skin; we’ve used it all his life so it’s not something new that he is having a reaction to.

I am...hesitant to switch him over to a raw diet, but will keep that idea in mind. In the past he has had issues maintaining a healthy weight. He additionally wasn’t chewing or swallowing dry pieces well enough and wound up with an oral infection. Only within the last year and a half I have found a kibble that keeps him happy, at a healthy weight for his energy needs, and can be ground up and wet down for easier consumption. The brand is Halo cat food. Grain free with safe ingredients and a good fat and protein percentage. When he was younger he used to be more willing to try occassional non-kibble snacks, like turkey and banana, but the most I can entice his interest with now a days is hard boiled egg (which, I don’t think on it’s own would be a good substitute). I’ll keep it in mind, though. Thank you for the suggestion!

It’s too early to tell if anything that I am doing is helping, but I will keep this post updated! At the very least, it is reassuring to know that other folks have gone through /are currently going through this issue as well! I wish your babies all the best! Keep me up-to-date with your situations well and hopefully we can all figure out this quill mystery together!
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