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Default Hibernating or just tired?

So when I went to clean my hedgehogs cage this morning, I realized that his heat lamp wasn't working, and he was all balled up and didn't seem to want to wake up. I moved him to his pet carrier in a warmer part of the house till I fixed the heat lamp, and he has been warmed back up to about 76 degrees F. for almost 2 hours, but still hasn't woken up.
He normally likes exploring, and will take any opportunity out of his cage to run around, even if it is in the middle of the day, so I am getting a bit worried.

He seemed fine around 9:00 last night, and though I am not sure when his heat lamp started giving trouble, the heat was turned up pretty high in my apartment, so his cage shouldn't have gone below about 70 even without the heat lamp. He also did eat at least a little yesterday, and ate normally the day before.

He is still breathing normally and will ball up tighter when moved and then relax back down again, but just hasn't woken up.

I haven't had this happen before. Is he trying to hibernate, or just sleeping really deeply? The closest decent vet that treats hedgehogs is almost two hours away, so I don't want to make him endure the car ride if I don't have to.
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