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Default Re: My New Albino Hedgehog Rescue

Awe. Flocke is beautiful! I bet you're so happy to have him. If he had run of the house before, chances were that he didn't have a wheel and the whole experience is new to him. About the food, like you said, he was really underweight and he's probably starved and thankful that you're feeding him so well. I'm not an expert on nutrition and maybe someone else more knowledgeable can answer this, but should you just gradually increase his food. I'm just thinking about tummy aches and vomiting from eating so voraciously.

I can help with the liner thing (I hope). I just got Izzy and she liner dove. She used to have pine bedding. I switched her to liners and she would tear them up every day. When I put a dirty shirt in there for her to get used to my scent, she went from tearing up liners to diving into my shirt. It helped us.

Thank you for giving that beautiful babe a forever home!!

~Everyone deserves a forever home.~

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