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Default My New Albino Hedgehog Rescue

I got a new hedgehog from the SPCA yesterday. He is a 3 year old albino. We named him Flocke (snowflake in German). Previous name was Mr. Prickles. The previous owner was feeding him 1 TBSP of cat treats, Temptations, per day. He is only 340 grams. He is very underweight as I think he would be a very large hedgie with proper food. They also did not keep him in a cage, he had the roam of the house. I would be so scared something would happen to him to do that.

Flocke gave us quite a time last night. I always put the new hedgie and his cage in our bedroom for his 30 day incubation period and mostly I just hear him wheeling and eating during the night. It kind of reassures me that they are okay. But Flocke was so extremely active. He ate and ate and ate. and then wheeled and wheeled and wheeled. Which was okay, but he kept getting under the liner and tipped over the water and food dish and was banging the wheel against the side of the cage. We had to get up several times and refill his water dish and food. And rescue him out from under the liner. Boy I never saw a hedgie so active. I"m not complaining just amazed. I can't wait to eventually get him into a C&C cage. Might even give him a 2 story one as I think he would enjoy it. I'll copy the ones off the forums and make it totally hedgie safe.

Flocke is my 5th rescue, but I currently have 4 hedgies. I've owned 9 hedgies over the past 15 years. The rest have passed on to the rainbow bridge.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful inputs on the forums. It helps me to learn and to improve the life of my hedgies.
Hedgie hugs to everyone,
Robin (Hedgie Mama)
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