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It sounds like him and Ms Hedguilera would get along pretty well lol. I admit that I definitely relied too heavily on the breeder personality description; you just can never fully tell how they’re going to react to different environments. Christina was said to be ‘very sweet, curious, and docile’... yeah, NOPE. She’s a diva for sure! She’s curious alright, but has never been the let’s hang out on your hands and let you pet my belly kind of girl. By the age, it sounds like Mecki could very well still be losing some quills, so keep up with the minimal contact bonding, and he should warm up 🙂 and if you haven’t already, try treating him with one specific type of treat while you’re with him. For example, I have a small jar of mixed kibbles for treats to spread around her house every now and again, but she only gets mealworms when she’s with me. It’ll get them to associate you with something tasty they have to be a part of in order to receive. Does that make sense? It did in my head at least haha.
Hope this helps 🙂
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