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Default How can I tell he's stopped quilling?

Total newbie here and I've had my hog for just over a week. Breeder said he had started quilling a few days before I got him and that I should not touch him on the quills for awhile. I've been holding him daily but he takes a while before he opens up and then he lumbers off my hands. If I tried to pet him, I would bet that he'd just ball up.

I have seen very few fallen quills anywhere but his quills on him seemed more ... criss-crossed and "messy" on his back when I first got him.

Is he really quilling? How can I tell if he's still sore? I couldn't get a straight answer as to how long quilling lasts. I've probably seen less than a dozen fallen quills in the week+ I've had him. I expected much more.
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