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Default Different temps around cage?

Hello I haven't gotten my hedgehog yet, and I'm trying to make the temperatures in the cage constant and correct. But so far the spot that the heat emitter is focused on is 78.2 degrees, while when I put a separate thermometer on the very edge of the cage it's only 73.9.

My problem is I can get the outer parts of the cage to the right temperature, but the middle where the heat emitter is most directed towards will be too hot (probably 81-82 or maybe higher).

So my question is, is the variance normal or do you guys have the same temp all around the cage? Or, has no one used multiple thermometers in different places to check? Because in reptile keeping not every part of the enclosure is ever the same temp. Any insight is appreciated. I'm using an 8.5 inch dome lamp by the way
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