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Exclamation Hedgehog is dying

Hi there,
I have a 3.5 year old male hedgehog. He is fed blue wilderness adult cat food (proper fat and protein %), has a large enclosure with a wheel and water and hides. Weekly cleaned enclosure and foot bath.

A few months ago he had a sore around his anus which antibiotics took care of. Last week it reappeared so I scheduled a vet appointment for tomorrow. Today, however, he was very lethargic to the point where he wouldn't stand or walk much and wasn't hissing up as much as usual, so I brought him to the emergency vet.

They put him under and cleaned up his butt area and gave me the usual antibiotics.. but also told me he's lost a ton of weight which is common with cancer and that when it's time to put him down they can do it. That's all they told me, that it might be cancer. I had noticed he seemed smaller but I thought it was just me.

I took him home and cuddled with him for a little over an hour and he started getting restless so I put him in his cage. He took a few wobbly steps before laying on his tummy. I called the vet back and they said if he's not better by tomorrow to bring him back in. He's currently in my lap, he occasionally will stand and kind of wobble to a different spot and then lay back on his tummy.

-He didn't have any prior wobbliness so I'm sure it's not WHS
-He didn't eat today, I had changed his food and water last night
-he lost a lot of weight in the last week, a noticeable amount
-currently trying to feed him chicken baby food (vet request) and his regular food. Won't try either.

Is there anything more I can do? He's my first and my little dude and I'm so heartbroken. Seeing him so weak is killing me. Thanks
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