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Default Am I doing it right?

Hey there! I know I'm a bit late to the party, but wanted to give my two sense too! You seem very invested in your Hedgie, which is commendable. I'm glad you're asking so many questions, because they're all valuable and essential to your hedgies well being. Okay, let's answer em shall we?
-Housing: This is ultimately up to you. Shavings vs fleece. Shavings is a good disposable option. Wood shavings or wood pellets are perfectly acceptable for hedgehog substrate, as long as it's not cedar. Cedar in particular (out of cedar, aspen, and pine since these are most commercial) is filled with chemicals and perfumes that are harmful for hedgehog skin and respiratory. Look for shavings that are low dust, and hypoallergenic if possible. The problems are mostly upkeep. Sure, your hedgehog may be the weird one who tries to eat his shavings, but that's probably not going to be the case. They're mostly just a pain to keep clean, and messy, as they stick to EVERYTHING and get dragged around whatever room he's housed in. But, if you're a 'wear it a day, throw it away' kind of guy, go for shavings. Fleece is a nice, more eco friendly alternative, but you're either going to have to invest some time making the fleece liners or some serious money buying them on Etsy. They're pretty cheap to make yourself- you'll want pill-free fleece and some sort of middle liner that is waterproof (I use Uhaul moving pads and Joann fleece). Wrap the Uhaul with fleece and sew her shut! Uhaul is machine washable, so make a couple liners for his house and just keep reusing them! Plus, fleece is fun- cool colors and patterns! Up to you- I started with shavings and settled with fleece for the ease of upkeep!
Diet- The type of food you feed your hedgehog is not as important as the quality of the food. Most commercial hedgehog foods SUCK. Look for ingredients such as whole meats, meat meals (ground and powdered meat) as your first listed ingredients. Too many brands fill food up with starches and crap- go for protein! You'll want about 30% protein in the food, and no more than 15% fat, since hedgies have been known to pack on the pounds! I use cat food that is high in protein, and low in fat and moisture. With protein comes smell so get ready for some stinky poop Supplement their diet with mealworms, feeder crickets, fruits, and veggies. Do some research on what foods they can't eat, cause there's a list!
Heat- I see some in the thread touched on ceramic heat emitting lamps. Yes. this is what I use and its perfect! No annoying light, easy to set up and use, and inexpensive yet effective. Keep your hog's house around 75-80 degrees, but good lord your whole room doesn't hav ego be that!
Space- P.L.E.N.T.Y. of it. 8 square feet really should be a minimum, some say 4. No matter how much space they have, let them run around in your room, living room, or even *extremely* supervised outside. They can cover up to double digits in miles roaming a NIGHT in the wild, so give them lots of opportunities to explore!
Final comments- no salt lick. they don't need it and as with any being, too much salt is a bad thing. Make sure any toy is safe, obviously. Since their digestive system really kicks in when they're active, they are going to poop randomly. On my hands, on my 100$ weighted blanket, they don't care LOL. Just live with it

Sorry that was so long winded, but I really hope it helps!

PS my girl is Christina Hedguilera so rock on with the fun name contest!

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