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Default Is my hedgie sleeping too much?

I recently got my hedgehog 2 days ago. She’s about 3 months old and is very happy. we cuddle in bed, she loves to explore my room, shes already really opened up to me and isn’t too afraid of me when i pick her up. I can even pet her sometimes.
The thing is, she sleeps A LOT. like all day and i’m pretty sure all night, she hasn’t used her wheel once! this morning i did notice some poop so i know she came out to do her business but she most likely went right back to bed afterwards. Even right now, it’s 3am and she’s under her blanket in her cage sleeping and has been since i put her in her cage at around 11pm.
The second i put her in my bed with me she wants to cuddle and the second i put her in her cage she eats for a few minutes and drinks her water then goes straight under her blanket and sleeps.
i’ve read that baby hedgies sleep a lot but i feel like at 3 months maybe she shouldn’t be sleeping that much?
She eats, drinks, and her poops are very normal. I don’t have a thermometer so i’m not sure what temp her cage is at but i keep my room at about 71 all day long. Also i felt her belly earlier and it was nice and warm.
I play with her a lot in the daytime so could it be that it’s wearing her down and making her tired at night?? could this be a sleeping pattern?
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