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Firstly I might say bonding is a journey with lots of ups and downs. A different smell, sound, degree etc. might effect the little friend's behaviour a lot.

I feel almost same about my hedgie. I got her almost one month ago. It is like she doesn't hate me or afraid of me but doesn't like neither ^^ One day she is laying next to me I give her belly massage the second day she just doesn't want to be with me, huff and hiss to me. I am trying not to force her if she is not in the mood. I am talking or singing to her, giving food from my hand in the cage and leave her alone.

Since her quilling is started, everything is more unbalanced and going worse

But still, since the first day she improved a lot, also me. So we both are getting to know eachother.

Your hedgie looks so cute and calm. I think he is a happy hedgie and by time you will bond more and more ^^
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