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Default Re: Charley Johns - 2007/2008 to August 17th 2011 - <3

The last few weeks were a testament to Charley (and to everyone) how much you love him. You were a great friend and protector to him, and I know he knew that. Take comfort in knowing that those who get to go to the next stop are happy, it's just hard for those of us still here waiting to graduate. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way (and Charley's, but I'm sure he's too busy inhaling a never-ending supply of non-chub-inducing mealies to notice ), know we are all here to support you!

Also, as is my tradition, I donated to a local rescue (in this case, my local exotics rescue, who is currently rehabilitating a rescued hedgie-- I requested the funds go directly to his care) in honor and celebration of Charley. God bless.
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