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Thank you for the advice so far, fellas! As instructed, I have removed the salt lick and I'm keeping to a daytime schedule from 10am to 10pm to get those 12 hours in, more or less, and I'm about to go to the pet store to ask about CHE, although the girlfriend is pushing me to get a portable room heater, but i really would rather not prefer my room to turn into a sauna since I'm personally sensitive to heat and I will probably die if my room is at 80 degrees all the time. I'm about to read the sticki for cat food to see which cat food I should get. GF is sad that Lil Quillzilla didn't like the salt lick since the pet store she works at advertises it mainly to hedgehog owners, but I've learnt that pet stores don't actually know their facts about raising the animals they sell, so we're both learning a lot about this experience. I put the shavings in a pillowcase so the shavings won't hurt him and also the $15 i spent on those bags don't go to waste and it seems to have worked.

Any thoughts on a name for our Lil Quilliam Shatner? (I think that one suits him best cuz he poops literally everywhere)
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