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Default Am I doing it right?

Firstly, I'm a new hedgie owner, and I've had our 11 week old Lil Quill for about 2 weeks. I've handled dogs, cats, squirrels, ferrets, girlfriend, but not a beast as complicated as my Lil Quiller. I've been told different things about taking care of him, and my girlfriend, who's had a hedgehog before named Bruce Quillis, has been giving me advice and pointers, which has been the exact opposite of the type of advice that the guy we bought Lil Winston Churchquill from has told me. I'm not sure what advice to follow, so I come to thee, forum of the hedgie, to guide my blind and naive mind to the wonders of taking care of our Lil Prick Astley. Also, a name vote, because I haven't made up my mind on what to name our Lil Quill Smith

What the guy we got Lil Quilliam told me to do: He told me to use the shavings as the flooring, feed him their special food mix of worms and hedgehog mix and avoid cat food since it causes liver damage in hedgehogs, use a heat lamp, give him plenty of space

What girlfriend told me to do: Use a blanket or fleece flooring that is easy to replace and wash since shavings can cause hedgehog to sneeze, feed chicken flavoured cat food for good protein with worms as a treat, use a portable room heater or a heating pad for heat and not a lamp because hedgies are nocturnal and the light hurts them, take him out at least 30 minutes a day to get him used to me and get him to friendly up, name him Prick Astley (I'm not naming out pet 'Prick')

What I'm currently doing: I had a heating lamp set up, he started to sneeze and lick his nose, so i panicked and took him to the vet. Now I'm giving him Clavamox antibiotic til his sneeze goes away 2 times a day and changed his heating arrangement to no lamp (girlfriend told me to just open the curtains and that is a sufficient source of light for him) with a heating pad set on medium and a thermometer in his cage to make sure hes at 80 degrees at all time. Using the wood shavings for now, but contemplating putting them in a pillow case and using that as his cage flooring (sounds like a good middle ground, no?), and I'm still not sure on food. I'm told cat food is the way to go, but I don't know what brand or what kind to get him. As for toys, he has a salt lick and a toy stuffed with catnip (he accidentally got into my sister's catnip and got super energized and had to go fast, so he kept one of the catnip toys since he liked it). I take him out about two times a day for 30 minutes and let him crawl around my desk while I do stuff, he is getting friendlier but still enjoys to poop on everything I own and also my hands.

Any advice, suggestions, tips, or opinions? Anything helps!
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