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Default Help me pleaseee

I was giving my hedgehog a bath tonight and it’s been a week since his last bath. This time I noticed a blob on his neck and I tried to wash it off (I thought it was poop, he poops on his wheel and runs through it) it was NOT poop at alllll. It was a scab like thing covering what I can only describe as a puss pocket from **** and it smells sooo bad. I flushed it with a spray bottle and water and I have some antibacterial spray for pets I got called vetricin it was highly rated but I didn’t think that would cut it this was really bad so I covered his face and sprayed it out with peroxide and then rinsed it is a HOLE. Like a marble could fit in this thing and I am so scared. I can’t seem to find anything even close to relating to this. No explanation of where it came from or how the heck it got so bad so fast! I’m baffled and I am of course taking him to the vet ASAP but I am freaking out I’m going to flush it every hour tonight and tomorrow until I get him to the vet. Is there anything anyone knows of that would help him even if it’s as simple as something I could give him for pain? I know it’s got to be uncomfortable 😫
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