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Default 4' wide cage -- 1 or 2 of what size lamp(s)?

I am in the process of making a hedgie cage and had a question about the size of the CHE.

I've read the heating thread. It mentions using 2 heat lamps for a cage over 3' wide. My cage will be 4' wide (then 2' front to back, 2' tall), but will be enclosed except for the upper portion of the front of the cage. [The open area will be around 44" wide and 5.5" high.]

Since we live in the desert, I'm expecting that only on winter evenings will the CHE ever come on. (My house is currently reading 77F at 5pm with a window open)

So... my question is... with a more enclosed cage as described, is 1 lamp or 2 lamps advised? And should I consider 1 or 2 of the 5.5" clamp lamp (they are rated for 75 watts) or just 1 of the 10" clamp lamp (rated for up to 250, but would assume to get 100 watt CHE bulbs?).

One other question: the light will have to hang down from inside the cage. That would mean the bottom of the lamp will be as low as 17" above the fleece-lined cage floor. (that would be for the 10" light) Is that ok?

Looking for recommendations.
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