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Default Re: Thinking about getting a hedgie? read this!

Great post and I agree 100%.

When I have friends ask me about hedgehog ownership, the first thing I do is tell them my cleanup routine, and how hedgehogs are NOT AT ALL like cats or dogs... I did not expect Kashi to love me the way my cats do, but when I got him at first, I was not prepared for how much he wanted to be left alone. I got him from a breeder who handled him regularly, but even at that, the first few weeks were rough. I felt like he hated me, but eventually he got used to me, and I came to love his (somewhat) grumpy nature.

After owning him for a year, he's FINALLY showing some similar signs of affection like my cats... For example he will stay close to me when he is scared, or unsure of something... but besides that, he is never happy to see me when I wake him up each night When I call his name, he DEFINITELY does not come running like my cats... Instead he huffs at me to go away... so you know... definitely not for everyone XD
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