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Default Possibly WHS?

I got a 3 month old hedgehog just recently and I notice all is well. She is eating and drinking. I can’t shake the feeling that maybe she has WHS. When she runs, it seems as if she is dragging her back two feet. She sometimes stands very odd. I’d describe it like her back two legs sticking out like a frog. She hasn’t shown any other symptoms besides that. factors that could be accounted for is the temperature, stress or pregnancy. It’s about 70 degrees (I know, her heater is on the way in the mail. She is sleeping in a warm blanket in her hut). We recently just moved and she was in a car for 10 hours. She could be stressed out with environment change but that was about 5 days ago. Pregnancy could be an issue because she escaped her cage and climbed my male hedgehogs cage (she is quite crazy). It is unknown if she’s pregnant but we sure hope not. I am about to attach some pictures of her odd stances. DISCLAIMER: she does not sleep in a box. I let her mess around with the box because she loves moving things and a small cardboard box is her favorite. 7D94E83F-836F-4DC7-989D-A5091240DC80_1546150166119.jpg
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