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Hello! So I got my first hedgehog about a week ago. She is about 4 months old and incredibly shy. Every day I can't help but worry about every little thing, and I've spent so much time researching every "symptom" I think I notice. I know I'm probably over reacting but I just wanted to ask a few questions to see if I need to do anything differently to make her more comfortable, and to just ensure she's living a healthy and happy life. Okay so first of all, right now she and her cage are in a temporary room, and I make sure to check the temperature of the room each day (it stays about 75) and she has a heatlamp that stays on at all times. I've seen her eating her food, and most nights she's been running on her wheel. However whenever I enter the room she goes into a ball and starts hissing and jumping whenever I go near. I've made sure to spend a lot of time with her each day but she doesn't seem like she's gotten used to me at all. I've put an old shirt of mine in her cage too so that she can get used to my smell. I've had to pick her up with a blanket because she's just too sharp for me to pick up with my bare hands, even though I know bare hands is prefered. (I've tried) Once I've gotten her out of her cage she usually just stays in a ball on my lap and hisses at the slightest sound or movement. After a while she usually begins to sniff around and crawl around, but will curl up again if she sees me move. How long will it take for her to be more comfortable around me? I know that a week isn't long enough for a hedgehog to become used to its owner but I want to know if there's anything I'm doing wrong, or if she's just an incredibly skittish hedgehog. I gave her her first bath the other night with oatmeal and she actually seemed to enjoy that surprisingly. (Although she kept drinking the water?) It was the first time I was able to handle her with my bare hands without her reacting negatively. However I'm pretty disappointed because I was really hoping to trim her nails but she was moving around so much that I was afraid I cutting her so I gave up on that. Her nails are getting super long though and I feel like they really need to be trimmed. How long should I wait before trying again, and how should I do it? I'm pretty sure the only way it will even be possible is while she's having a bath. Ok that's pretty much all so far but hear are just a couple more questions. On one of her front paws, one of her nails has looked kind of weird with brown hard stuff under it. I'm assuming it's poop build up but I'm worried about it being something else because it wouldn't really come off in the bath. It's been there since I got her. Could she just have a weird toe or is it something to be concerned about? Also, her skin seems to be kind of dry, that's why I gave her the oatmeal bath. Is there anything else I can do about this? Lastly, mites have been a concern of mine, despite her not even showing any symptoms beside the slightly dry skin and her loosing a couple quills here and there, but that's probably just because she's still quilling. Any signs that I should look out for in he future? Okay sorry I know this was a really long and annoying post, and that I'm probably worrying way to much, but any information/suggestions would be very much appreciated! I think the biggest concerns of mine are just her nails at the moment!
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