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Question Sisters sharing a bin for the rest of their lives?

Greetings fellow spike boll frens.

I recently picked up two 2minth old hedgehog sisters and was wondering if i can house them in the same bins for the rest of their lives.

I have two 30”x15” bins connected to each other via PVC Pipes with one area being full of fleece, hides, caves, and the food+water bowls, and the other area having paper substrate where their wheel, toys, and tunnels.

I noticed that even with two separate hides, they sleep snuggled up together side by side. When it comes to the wheek however, they start huffing and puffing (sharp exhales) about who goes on the wheel or who uses the tunnel. I discipline them from such behavior by making a sudden noise, blowing at their face, and if they still dont stop, i give their snouts a little nudge to the left or right.

Ive tried looking online and all it said was two sisters CAN be housed together but i cant find an example of it in pictures. In the future, i would also like to breed the females with a friend of mine’s male. Would it be a problem if both sisters are together when they give birth?
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