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Question Why Won't My Hedgehog Run On His Old Wheel?

So originally my hedgehog had a large kaytee comfort wheel and his cage was in my room (https://www.chewy.com/kaytee-comfort...cise/dp/128988). Well the girlfriend moved in and is a light sleeper so she bought him the silent runner wheel (https://www.exoticnutrition.com/Prod...e)__43674.aspx). He took the wheel right up and started running on it the first night. The girlfriend still couldn't sleep however so we moved the cage out to the living room. He ran on that wheel for over a year with no problems.

Well a few months ago I cleaned his cage and ran off on vacation for two weeks. My girlfriend cleaned his cage once when I was gone (a week after I left). When I came back his wheel was completely clean! I freaked out and was ready to take him to the vet, however I put his old wheel back in his cage and he happily started running on it. I have tried to reintroduce the silent runner on many occasions ever since but with no luck. He will happily run on the comfort wheel but once I put in the silent runner wheel in nothing. In terms of temperature, lighting, food, or cage location nothing has changed.

This isn’t a huge issue but it somewhat matters because the wheel can be heard from my room. I am a heavy sleeper so it doesn't bother me but my girlfriend needs to sleep with earplugs in. Any advice on getting my hedgehog to use the silent runner again?
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