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Default Re: older male, baby female

Originally Posted by wahoobritney
They were only together once. But Obvs I was right there the whole time cuz she's
So small. She is in a little cage right now... What I meant by buying her a cage was like a
Big one with her own wheel Abd all that S***. And they can be in the same room just not right beside eachother. But kbye cuz you don't give me any new info.thnx
Actually, TWCOGAR answered the exact question you asked. You asked if there was a way to keep them in the same cage without them mating, and TWCOGAR told you no, there absolutely is not. So, frankly, I'm not sure why you're being rather rude and dismissive. If he did not answer your exact question, then it would help if you provided us with more details.

If what you were asking was whether you can somehow keep the two of them in the same cage while you're getting a bigger cage for the girl, the answer is also no. For all the reasons TWCOGAR listed. Them being so close together isn't good for them, as she'll start ovulating and he'll get frustrated. Yes, they can be in the same room, just not beside each other. If she's in a little cage right now, that's fine until you get her the bigger cage. Just, unfortunately, you'll never be able to have both your hedgies out at the same time, because of the induced ovulation problem.

Hope that answers your questions. If not, then please clarify what you would like to know and we'll do our best to answer.

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