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Default Re: older male, baby female

Originally Posted by wahoobritney
They were only together once. But Obvs I was right there the whole time cuz she's
So small. She is in a little cage right now... What I meant by buying her a cage was like a
Big one with her own wheel Abd all that S***. And they can be in the same room just not right beside eachother. But kbye cuz you don't give me any new info.thnx
Sorry, but TWCOGAR did nothing but give you the same advice that most people on this forum would give you, including some of the most experienced breeders.

Also, hedgehogs are mainly solitary animals... so I'm not sure why you keep wanting to house them together?

If you really wanted to try housing them together, you could get your female, or your male spayed/neutered, and then house them. But be prepared with an extra cage, etc. in case things go wrong. Most breeders here would suggest not to house any hedgehogs together, especially if they have not been housed together since birth, because there is a high probability that they will fight and end up seriously injuring one another.

No one is trying to attack you or criticize you here. We're answering the questions that you have asked. So please show other members the same amount of respect that we have shown to you
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