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Unhappy Growths - Chest/Belly Area

Hello! I'm new to HHC, but I've had a hedgehog since January of 2014.

She'll be five in December of 2018.

However, she seems to be sprouting growths. Now, no hateful comments, please, because we did take her to the vet, and the vet cleared her. Informed us that it wasn't cancerous and wasn't necessarily a tumor either. Quill, the hedgehog in question, had the growth removed but grew another. This one was new though, as it fell off. We're unsure of when or how, but it just fell off and turned up in her cage.

She's roughly five years, female, healthy, retired breeder and the growth's, as far as we've seen, aren't hereditary.

I'm simply asking if anyone's had any experience with it, or could tell us more about it!!

Thank you in advance for your time!
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