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Default Temperature Question

Hey everyone, so we are new to the hedgehog world, but with tons of research and preparation we bought our first hedgehog!
I have a cage 36in L x 16 in H x 20in Wide.
I am using a 8 in heat lamp with a 100Watt CHE over the right side of the cage, her hut being on the left side. The right side with the CHE is reading 80-80.6 degrees VIA a digital zoo med thermometer, while the left side of the cage has dropped down to 68 degrees which I know is a little cold for them. This is while the AC is on, in my basement. We like to sleep with the AC on overnight at which it can get very chilly in the apartment. Does anyone have any recommendations how to keep her cage comfortable for her without having to constantly monitor the thermometer/time we leave the AC on?
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