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Bedding is tricky! I use fleece liners/cotton duck fabric liners backed with waterproof lining which work really well. I also have lots of fleece strips my hedgie Marjorie can use for nesting, and recycled shredded paper for burrowing and nesting too. I have a litter tray with recycled paper pellets which she loves to dig through but doesn't use as litter tray! All dust free and work well for us. The liners I change every 3-4 days and i have mini ones i change under her sleep space more regularly. Best tip is to have lots so can have some in wash, some in use!

My previous hedgie seemed to like carefree recycled paper bedding, which i now sometimes put in a dig box for Marjorie.

Aveeno cleanser is excellent for bathing and recommend also by my vet - its oatmeal based

good luck!
Love Vic and Marjorie
RIP Jeane Claude Von Periwinkle

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