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Default My silly Tonya...

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted, although I have referred back to these forums and found answers to a lot of my questions and concerns (as well as some entertaining reading).

There are a few things that have me perplexed. When Tonya is in her cage, she ignores everything in there except for the food and the wheel. That goes for TP tubes, tunnels, toys, plushies... The odd thing is, if I have her out and present her with these same things, she seems to enjoy them. I even slept with a plushie in my shirt and put it in her cage. She annointed herself with it and hasn't gone near it since while it's in there. This behavior first exhibited itself when I moved her from her clear storage tub into her new home (built from modular storage cubes).

I am pretty sure that she enjoys her home. As an experiment, I left the lower level access panel open (basically a 14" X 24" door!) when I put her in after our "quality time". I pretended not to be watching (sitting in VERY dim light), but was ready to jump up and catch her if she tried to escape. After eating, she walked to the edge, sniffed around and went up the ramp to the "mezzanine" to take her "after breakfast nap". She had no interest in trying to escape even though she knew she could. She does not mind roaming as long as I take her out myself and pay attention to her. I should feel glad that I don't have Ms. Houdini on my hands, but it concerns me because it goes against most of what I've read.

I will say that after moving her into her new home she has adapted well. In the storage tote, she would pee and poo pretty much anywhere. Now that she's been relocated, she keeps the rooms and activities separate. The main floor has the bedroom (with her burrowing blanket) and dining room. I wasn't sure what to do with the mezz, but she's staked out her napping area. The gym/toilet is on the top floor, and it's the only place she ever evacuates. It's also the only room that has any shavings (except when she gets upset and shoves them down the ramp onto the mezz). I've read about hedgies not co-mingling eating and potty areas, but I didn't expect it from her because of her previous behavior.

One last thing... I should post this in a differrent part of the forums, but since I already have your attention...

Tonya is getting HUGE! Not obese huge, but... well... BIG! She's almost too long to run in her bucket wheel without scraping her nose, and she's very tall. I can't give you an exact measurement (I'm sure I don't have to explain how difficult it is to measure a hedgehog), but I can assure you that she's much larger than she was when I brought her home at 1 year old.

I welcome any comments and suggestions.

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Why the eggs? They're her favorite food!
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