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Ok that's good your taking her to the vet, it looks really sore and is probably effecting her appetite and activity level. What kind of cat litter were you using? Could well have been a reaction to it if she liked to roll in it. If you'd like to try litter training, I use Yesterday's News which is safe to use. For now I would let her recover and just use paper towels in her litter tray. So are you using a non-scented detergent to wash the fleece? General detergents can also cause skin and URI issues, their sensitive little creatures ><. Best to also use White distilled vinegar in rinse water to get rid of any residue detergent as when it's new it sits on the fabric (my boy used to sneeze a lot when I first had him on fleece, even though i was using a non scented detergent ~ was still leaving a residue on the fabric!)

I wouldn't use anymore treatments on her until you've been to the vet and discussed with them, they could be making it worse.

Please keep us posted, hoping she recovers soon ♡
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